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Small Business Focused, Strategic Approach 

Professional Teams For Flourishing Start-ups, Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Over 81% of new small businesses are run by solopreneurs. That means that most small businesses open and ONE person is responsible for running EVERYTHING in the business, and we wonder why so many small businesses fail.  You can do this in the beginning, but how long can you do everything yourself and a better question is, how well are you really doing it?


MNS Talent and Consulting is dedicated to helping start-ups and small businesses build and maintain highly effective and diverse teams for their organization. Do you know what the number ONE most valued asset in business is? Your team.

We focus on helping your organization build a team no matter the budget. We help with hiring virtual assistants who specialize in: social media marketing, public relations, administrative work and more. We have customized our VA packages so that you can get help as needed and you don't have to worry about a huge payroll expense.  Not only do we help you build your team for your business, we train you on how to continue to grow!


Areas of Talent Management That We Cover

Virtual Assistants for Small Business

Business Credit and Funding for Hiring

Building a Highly Effective Team

Building Business Branding

Procedures and Systems for Hiring Teams

Booking More Speaking Events for Business

Avoiding Burnout in Leadership

Talent Management Development and Strategy 

 If you have any questions regarding any of the topics above, please contact us today for a complimentary 30 minute strategy call to discuss your company's needs!

Hear It from Our Clients

"We needed to hire quickly and didn't have a big budget to work with. MNS Talent helped us hire quality virtual assistants to work in high touch areas in our business. The process was easy and because the VA's are dedicated to a specific area, they were focused and we were able to increase productivity by 25%"

Crystal Jackson, CEO, L'amour Lumiere

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